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Della Toffola Group is a world leader in the design and construction of technologically advanced solutions for every step in the winemaking process. This vocation is matched by the corresponding expertise and success of its Food and Beverages, Bottling and Packaging, Dairy, and Water Treatment, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Divisions.

Giacomo Della Toffola founded the company in the 1960s for the production of the first vertical stainless steel presses and crushers.

Giacomo’s sons Vittorio, Francesco and Luciano entered the business and brought Della Toffola to international acclaim as one of the world’s leaders in the sector by continuous technological innovation over the years. Throughout the 1990s, further development took place with the acquisition of complementary Italian companies (Cingano and Enopompe), diversification into new market sectors, the production of machinery with exclusive technologies, and the inauguration of branch offices abroad.

At the same time, activities expanded into the waste water treatment sector and the food processing and chemical industries. Since 1996, the Group’s progressively global dimension was consolidated with the opening of company branches in France, Spain, Argentina, and Chile. In 2009, a new productive unit became operative in California and in 2016 a new branche was established in Mexico.

Today, Della Toffola Group consists in eight productive units, eight branch offices, and two brands. It employs over 450 employees on 6 continents in a total 190,000 sq m area.

The Della Toffola name has been present in the administration and management of the company and group for three generations, and provides a guarantee of continuity and commitment. These are the figures of a strong industrial group that has always based its approach on quality, service, and versatility. These are the values reaffirmed with dedication and enthusiasm every day.


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