Allies in the Vineyard

A sense of belonging to the land and a respect for the balance of the earth.This is the spirit of Montelvini, one of the most dynamic wine producers in Italy.Its headquarters are found in Venegazzù in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the DOCGAsolo Prosecco Superiore and Red Montello, and the DOC Montello and Colli Asolani regions.An area that Montelvini represents in each and every glass of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG,  ambassador of one of the most surprising denominations in the Prosecco world. For instance, Asolo DOCG is the only Prosecco denomination that, by regulation, can produce an Extra Brut version, a type of Prosecco that the winery form Venegazzù has always strongly believed in, and that today represents the true soul and the highest concept of wine making quality in the Treviso hills. A production based on excellence, signed by Montelvini, that celebrates the exclusive charm of DOCG bubbles, truly enhancing the freshness and character of the Glera grapes.Montelvini winery experience is based on 135 years of continuous commitment from the Serena family, who have always had quality as their goal, and whose company logo, the owl, represents the bond with the our lands. The owl has always been an icon of wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity , prophecy and moderation. Owls can be found in every cultures symbolic language, and, still today, inhabit and look after Montelvini vineyards, representing the wisdom in selecting only the best grapes, the knowledge in growing our vineyards and the respect of nature and its rhythms.Important values, enclosed in the motto “Alleati in vigna”(Allies in the Vineyard).


ADDRESSVia Cal Trevigiana,51 31040 Venegazzù di Volpago del Montello (TV)I, taly

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