Museum of Apicolture ” Guido Gregonese “


Opened June 2, 1996 the museum was named to “beekeeper teacher” Guido Fregonese who, during his life, devoted and cared for bees, and for everything about the history of Trevigiana bee keeping.
Museum Beekeepers Group A.P.A.T. affiliated with the Beekeepers in Veneto, adherent toe Italian Beekeepers Federation, donated the material exposed to the City of Oderzo, becoming so the First Public Museum of Bee keeping in Italy.
01.01.2015 the museum displays 39 hives villager, 62 hives, 186 gears, 629 item of which 145 are painting, 172 jar of honeys of which 100 come from the all over the world, 163 books 8 of which was published before 1900 and more, for a total 1302 pieces.

The museum is twined with:
Museum of Beekeeping Tradition – La Brigue in 1997 – Fontan in 1999 (French)
Museum of Honey Tobia – Lavarone – Trento in 2006 (Italy) 
Museum-House of Traditional Beekeeping – Sortino – Siracusa in 2008 (Italy)

The museum wants to offer visitor the opportunity to approach the world in some way mysterious and evocative of bee, insect honey producers, but also essential for the pollination of plants and for the habitat protection.