Abbey of Santa Maria di Follina

The Santa Maria di Follina Abbey was built in the XIIth Century and has a Latin cross plan with the apse towards the east and the fa├žade facing west.

The structure has a great artistic value as it contains valuable works such as the copy of the great neo-gothic wooden shovel built in 1921 by some Venetian artists. The original can be visited in the Church of S.Zaccaria in Venice.

The altarpiece houses the statue of the Madonna del Sacro Calice, which has always been a destination for pilgrims from all over Italy.

It is made of sandstone, a sedimentary rock made up of sand grains.

In addition to the altarpiece, you can also see the fresco “Madonna con Bambino e Santi” by the artist Francesco da Milano, painted in 1527. At the intersection of the nave stands the Romanesque bell tower with a square plan, the oldest part of the abbey.