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General Info

Descrizione Percorso 

Miliès, in the municipality of Segusino (Treviso), is a small, very special and very interesting village, located in a magnificent meadow / woody basin on the west side of Mount Cesen at the foot of Mount Zogo or Doc.Verso and from this village you can some nice and easy walks very recreational.

Milies is a very old village belonging to the municipality of Segusino, in the province of Treviso and belonging to the Mountain Community of the Treviso Pre-Alps. It is located in a basin at an altitude between 700 and 800 m.s.l.m. Milies do not lack the artistic realities. From the square you can see the small church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, also known as the small church of the Alpini, dated 1875 and presumably built on a pre-existing chapel.

Starting point: Novarè, Crocetta del Montello