Treviso-Castelfranco Veneto-Bassano del Grappa Route

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General info

Descrizione Percorso 

Cycling route, with a long stretch of cycle path on a dirt road but perfectly passable even to cyclists, allows you to discover three cities rich in beautiful landscapes and artistic, architectural and historical traces: Treviso city of art, Castelfranco Veneto, Giorgione city and Bassano del Grappa city of the Alpini.

The Cathedral of Treviso, the starting point of this itinerary, is the first artistic witness to visit. The cathedral, in fact, contains works of extreme importance such as the Annunciation Malchiostro, commissioned for the altar of the minor chapel and the frescoes of Pordenone “Adoration of the Magi and the Visitation”, present in the Malchiostro chapel on the left and above wall respectively .

Proceeding westwards, the itinerary touches the Parish Church of Santa Cristina al Tiverone in Quinto di Treviso. Here is the Santa Cristina Altarpiece, an autograph work by Lorenzo Lotto made in 1501 that will leave you breathless.

The itinerary continues by first touching the Rotonda di Badoere, one of the most famous barchesse in the Veneto region and then Villa Emo, a splendid Palladian villa that you can visit. Click here and be guided by us to discover this monumental architecture.

Continuing the route you will go through the architecture and landscapes of Castelfranco Veneto, the city of Giorgione.This city, famous for being the home of Giorgione, houses a museum (Click here for more information) dedicated to him to visit absolutely if you want to see the famous Frieze of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts, left us by the artist in the late fifteenth century. Click here and be guided by us to discover this wonderful frieze

There are many architectures for which the city fascinates its tourists. Citing some you can see: The Castle, the Academic Theater, the Cathedral of San Liberale and the Pala del Giorgione (Click here to learn about the history of this work); but also the Walls, the Civic Tower, Tomba Brion and La Villa and the Revedin Bolasco Park.

If you like, be guided by us to discover the monuments of the city of Castelfranco Veneto by clicking here.

N.B: if the route is already rich and tiring you can return to the city of Treviso or move to Bassano del Grappa by taking a train to Castelfranco Veneto station located in Via Melchiori 2.

From Castelfranco Veneto, we continue to Bassano del Grappa, a wonderful village in the Veneto region, where history was made. Here we will discover how the city center is eternally linked to the great war through the famous Ponte degli Alpini. By clicking here we offer you the opportunity to learn about the history of the main monuments of the city.

Once you have completed the route you can return to the city of Treviso with the help of trains. The Bassano del Grappa railway station is located in Via Chilesotti 17.

N.B: if you want to visit the city of Treviso by clicking here we offer you all the useful tools.

Starting point: Treviso Cathedral.