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In the sanctuary of Meschio in Vittorio Veneto, as on the high altar, is preserved the Andrea Previtali’s masterpiece : The Annunciation dated 1505. Previtali paints the Angel Gabriel on the right, kneeling in the act of pronouncing the famous phrase: “Hail Mary, the Lord is with you!” His left hand is resting on his chest as a sign of devotion and respect, while the right hand holds a long stem with a lily. In front of him, the Virgin, kneeling in front of a lectern, is represented frontally, in a position opposite to the figure of the angel, to look at the observer from the front, so that her face with a mystically raptured expression is entirely addressed to the observer. The Angel, on the other hand, is represented in profile (in fact, almost three quarters. Even the Virgin, like the angel, brings her left hand, open, to her breast, and gently inclines her face in the direction of him; in this way, so from the point of view of composition, Previtali managed to achieve perfect symmetry of the contours of the subjects.




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