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The Barchessa (a detached house used to store tools and service equipment), that is located at Selva del Montello, is a magnificent example of Palladian Architecture. Its construction, designed by Giorgio Massari, took place in the 18th century, following the restoration of the Villa to which it belonged. After the Second World War, the area was acquired by Count Marco and Countess Nicoletta Loredan, an important Venetian family who restored the Barchessa, called “il Palazzon”, and restored adjacent areas, dedicating them to the cultivation of grape vines. The imposing Barchessa is still part of the original complex, with the entrance gates and part of the wall. The rectangular building is marked by nine arches on the southern side, on top of which we find the attic that was used as a granary. The impressive appearance of the Barchessa is heightened by the round arches, set on pillars and spaced by an order of pilasters topped by Doric capitals, above which a molded frame divides the floors. The barn is marked by a succession of rectangular windows on all the facades of the building and small oval openings.