Francesco Pagani, known as Francesco Da Milano was active between 1502 and 1548.
Little is known about this Lombard artist; the first sure fact is the realization of an altarpiece and some Frescoes for the Church of Colle Umberto dated 1502, now lost.
We know that for most of his years he lived in Serravalle (Vittorio Veneto) where he depicted two large canvases in the Cathedral of the city.

His basic knowledge is influenced by the Pordenone’s technique and is expressed by a greater awareness in the Frescoes that decorate the Sala dei Battuti in the Duomo di Conegliano.
A few years later Da Milano painted some Frescoes in the Pieve di S. Andrea di Bigonzo (Vittorio Veneto), completed in different periods. 

In 1510, he painted the wall of the counter-façade  and in the 1530 the Northern and Western wall, thus creating a complete cycle that starts with the Creation and ends with the Last Judgment.

Da Milano also made another important piece in the ancient Church of Castello Roganzuolo (San Fior).
In 1525 he painted the presbytery with scenes taken from the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, completed five years later.
We have no information regarding his death, which hypothetically occurred around the mid-fifties.