Andrea Zanatta and Francesco Zorzetto have been running La Cantina — a favorite known to anyone who “knows” Venice — for over 15 years. La Cantina is a favorite among both locals and travelers; anyone, rather, who likes a warm welcome, carefully chosen wines, and a satisfying meal created only from the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. A few years ago these two beer lovers began noticing how many microbreweries began popping up across the region. It was Andrea’s Dad, though, that challenged them after a visit to a nearby beer tasting: so when are you guys going to show them how it’s done? And being the types never to refuse a challenge, their work began. In October of 2007, Andrea began to develop, experiment, and refine the  formula of ingredients for the perfect beer, starting with the water from the celbrated springs of nearby Morgano (near Treviso in the Veneto). From the beginning, he passed the results of these attempts for evaluation to his Dad, his friends, and the demanding palates of the Cantina. When he saw that his beer began to receive consistent praise from every corner of this beer-appreciative populace, the time had come to name their beer.Francesco’s imaginative daughters proposed to name it after the famed mirages of  “Fata Morgana,” but Birra Morgana by itself seemed ideal, given that the area of magic springs contributes in no small part to the quality of the beer. Francesco declared a new beer in commerce.It looks like they succeeded. From the moment everyone gave Morgana their thumbs up, it wasn’t a year before they needed to upgrade their initial brewery capacity from 100 to 250 liters to satisfy demand. In April 2011, they upgraded once again to 1000 liters.


A beer with a difference

If you look closely, you’ll spot a sediment settled in the bottom of any bottle of Morgana beer. That means that the yeasts that have worked hard to turn the grain sugars into alcohol have not been filtered out — and neither has the rich flavor they add to Morgana’s unique taste. Morgana’s specially selected grains that enrich Morgana’s distinctive flavor are also left “alive” in this beer, as opposed to being obliterated in the process of pasteurization (that’s why there’s an expiration date on every bottle). Morgana ale is fermented at unusually high temperatures, about 68° F (20° C), with either bitter German Hallertauer or Tettnang hops, and Czech Saaz to form Morgana’s rich, satisfying aromas. With a production process similar to that of Champagne, after the primary fermentation the beer is bottled adding a small amount of sugar to jump-start a secondary, in-bottle fermentation. At this stage the characteristic natural carbonation takes places inside the bottle — just like in Champagne. The bottles then undergo periodic rotation to continually bring the yeasts in contact with the beer as they work, slowing little by little, with the resulting evolution and enrichment of taste. This process can give rise to delectable artisanal differences between one batch and another. These differences are not considered imperfections, but just the opposite: this is the hallmark of Birra Morgana, birra col fondo (beer on the lees): a product of genuine craftsmanship.



Distributors for Venice and Treviso: Via Machiavelli 3, Mogliano Veneto (TV) 

Distributors for Italy : Vini Via degli Artigiani,16 – Loc. Cire’ ,Pergine Valsugana (TN) 

Producers :  Morgano (TV)


We are open from Monday to Tuesday all day  

We are open on Wednesday until 14.00 

We are open from Thursday to Sunday by appointment to the number 335-6170403

To information CONTACT the  : Andrea 335 6179403 o Francesco 335 5943519

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