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Villa Papadopoli Giol, called Giol Castle, is in the centre of San Polo di Piave. It is called a castle in memory of a previous castle that had been built by the Venetian patriarchs to defend their land in the 15th century. 
It was built in an unusual Tudor, or neo-gothic style, at the end of the 19th century, and looks like a piece of England that has been transplanted in Treviso. It was designed by the engineer, G. B. Ferrante from Turin. 
The property is reached from a bridge over the moat of resurgence water, full of aquatic plants. The rear is visible from the road; the main façade faces the large lake. The villa is raised on a hillock where it dominates the park, designed at the end of 1800 in English style by the scenographer from Vicenza, Francesco Bagnara, who began working there in 1850 on commission from Count Papadopoli, although later a new arrangement was commissioned from the Frenchman Durand. 
The layout of the villa is typical Veneto style, with the jutting central section with respect to the barchessas, but again with neo-gothic features, with that vertical trend that is repeated on all the parts of the building. The pediment here is a triangle with a gothic double lancet window surmounted by a mass of pinnacles, while the classic central triple-lancet window on line with the passing hall is here a gothic triple-lancet window overlooking the balcony that is held up by a pronaos with narrow columns. The wings are turrets with triangular pediments, triple lancet windows and bay windows, slightly lower than the main part of the building. 
The interiors are interesting: the foyer on the ground floor has a wide iron door and cathedral glass, the 3D effect fake tapestries and lacunar ceiling, the wide stairway with an impressive cast iron parapet, the central hall with allegorical transoms and the ceiling with canvases. The neo-rococo room is unusual with late 1800 mirrors and chandelier, and some paintings under glass with gilded frames. 
In 1921 the castle, park, cellars and around 1000 hectares of land were bought by Commendator Giovanni Giol, who had just returned from Argentina where he had made his fortune with a flourishing wine production company: after the first world war he bought the property of the Counts Papadopoli in San Polo di Piave. 
The park, which was designed in a new natural style, is perfectly kept and all its unusual features can be seen, with lake, islands and impressive plants. 

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