THE CASTLE OF SAN MARTINO built in the Roman period becomes the residence of the Bishop-earls in 962. The city walls and the massive tower goes back the Middle Age. Bishop Correr between 1420 and 1430 rebuilt the castle partially destroyed because of the Hungarian invasion. Going down to Via Brevia, passing the Arc Della Torre, you can reach the Palasi, the ruins of a fortified old palace of the Da Collo noble family. Here in 1179, according to the tradition, lived for a time the emperor Federico Barbarossa. From this place taking a path along the stairs leading to the Stations of the Cross, we reach the old San Elia’s hill and the little church of San Paolo. Here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama over the town. Going down along the walking path you can easily reach San Rocco Temple a nice building in neoclassic style.