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The first documented mention of the complex dates back to 969 when the ecclesia in honore Beatae Virgins Mariae constructa is mentioned.In 1584, according to the description of a pastoral visit, the church must have assumed the structure that can still be seen. In 1606 following the collapse of the roof, the apse and the main altar were reconstructed in addition to the cover. It was during the course of that century that the structure lost signs of its medieval layout. In the middle of the eighteenth century, architect Massari was commissioned to reorder the inside. The Cathedral has a main nave and two side naves with stone columns. Next to the main altar there are two angels by Giuseppe Bernardi ; the baptismal font dated 1491 shows the coat-of-arms of Queen Cornaro who commissioned architect Francesco Graziolo. Then there are two major altar pieces by Lorenzo Lotto and Jacopo Da Ponte. The external façade is the result of the work completed in 1889 by Pietro Saccardo who juxtaposed the visible face with the old façade.