THE CATHEDRAL is dedicated to the Beata Vergine Maria Assunta, rebuilt between 1740 and 1775 in neoclassical style as requested by the architect Ottavio Scotti. The bell tower is an example of Romanic style and once it was part of the defensive system of the town. In the crypt, the church hosts the remains of San Tiziano, town and diocese patron. The legend tells that the body of the Saint, left from Oderzo, went upstream in the river Meschio to reach Vittorio Veneto. The day of the patron is January 16. The church is made by three naves, which form a Latin cross. In the apse, there’s frescoes made by Alessandro Pomi in 1941, and the dome shows a beautiful fresco of the legend of San Tiziano painted by Pino Casarini in 1944. The Museum of the Cathedral located past the sacristy keeps a collection of ecclesiastical furnishings and ornaments.