centro storico e castello -EN

The old town and the castle

Castelfranco name derives from “CASTELO” (CASTLE) and “FRANCO”(tax free ) as its first residents were exempted from expansive tax in exchange for their military protection . A very important commercial and industrial centre ,Castelfranco is a medieval town built during the 12th century by the people of Treviso .Some Lords of Treviso wanted to build the castle on the top of a slope,over the winding course of the river Muson. Nowadays many art and cultural exhibitions take place inside. The castle is a red thick wall with four towers surrounding a borough .The entrance to the town is from two gates ;the eastern one is towards Treviso and the western one is towards Cittadella. The castle is now well kept but in 17th century it escaped the demolition so it became the symbol of Castelfranco. Inside the castle ,Architect Preti built in 1754 the” Academic Theatre” . Walking all around the walls, it is possible to see many white statues over the vast green garden.