Chiesa di S.Francesco

The St. Francis church was built over four decades in the middle of the 1200s by Pope Innocenzo III. Its austere architecture marks the passage from the Romanesque style (like the transept arches and the entrance gate) to the First Gothic period with its huge windows and the arches in the chapels. It’s the perfect match of simplicity, balance and spirituality.The building has a Latin cross diagram, the left nave is home to the frescoes by Tommaso da Modena and his students. This area also holds the tombs of Pietro Alighieri and Francesca Petrarca, the children of two of the greatest Italian poets. With the invasion of French troops in 1797, the convent was demolished and the floor was removed. The church was divided into more levels to take advantage of the space and was turned into a storehouse. In the 1920s, the church was restored to a place of worship.