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The presence of a Friars Minor Conventual monastery is documented in a land sale contract dated 1254; the church was dedicated to San Michele Archangel, then known as Sant’Angelo. It is known by the name San Gottardo because, in the first half of the fifteenth century, an altar and a brotherhood of flagellants dedicated to the saint were instituted.It became the best known monastery in Asolo and used to offer hospitality to leading personalities. It was also the venue of a school for Asolo’s finest families. It boasted a very extensive library that was broken up following a Venetian Decree of 1769 suppressing religious orders. The state of abandon into which the monastery fell led to a decision to knock it down between 1820 and 1830 conserving only the church that passed under the administration of the cathedral. Inside, the oldest antique decorative work dates back to the middle of the 1300s and a further cycle of frescos were superimposed over it a century later. Now deconsecrated, the church is periodically the setting of high-profile chamber music concerts organised by Asolo Musica.