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The history of this place of worship is ancient because originally there was a “Casteller”, a sort of military fortification or small castle surrounded by a moat (still present today). Similar buildings were usually erected in one of the four astronomical points precisely called “the castellieri”, that is to say: useful places for observing the sky because they indicated, for example, the position of the sun at dawn, or at sunset and so Street. Later on the ruins of the “Casteller” the church of San Michele Arcangelo was built but since at the end of 1500 the Serenissima requisitioned the entire Montello hill, destroying the houses and forcing the population to move to the plains, in order to exploit the wood with cultivation of oaks, finalized the construction of the ships, so the church, over time, was gradually abandoned.Having fallen into disrepair, the sacred building was even demolished in 1811 because it was said that deserters from the Napoleonic army went to take refuge there, as the forest was so dense that those who were not familiar risked getting lost. But the Biadenesi never forgot this place and their ancient church so in 1895 it was rebuilt and on the plateau next to it.

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Ossuary of Biadene in 1925 the ossuary-monument was built, to collect the remains of the Biadenesi who fell during the Great War. The ossuary was designed by the master builder and artist Alberto Zane in collaboration with Guglielmo Granzotto, and internally houses a cell where 36 citizens were buried, 14 of whom were originally from Biadene. The monument is made of bush-hammered Montello stone and is composed of several architectural elements: above the Latin cross base of 11 meters by 7 that encloses the cell, three stairways of seven steps each lead to a square-based obelisk about 17 meters high. , on top of which there is a lighthouse that is lit every night. THE OSSARY OF BIADENE IS THE SMALLEST IN ITALY