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Cross Baracca. Major Francesco Baracca the ace of the Aces with 34 planes shot down, during the battle of the solstice of 1917 exactly on June 19, was engaged in a low-flying strafing action above Colle Val dell’Acqua, on Montello, the Italian ace it was hit by an unseen Austro-Hungarian biplane, or seen too late when it had already been hit by the first of two volleys fired by the observer. It will be found a few days later, on 23 June, by Captain Osnago, companion of the last flight, who, on the recommendation of the officer Ambrogio Gobbi, reached the slopes of Montello (“Busa delle Rane”). Here, next to the remains of the aircraft, was Baracca’s body: burned in several places, he had a wound in the hollow of his right eye, at the root of his nose. The wings and the cockpit of the SPAD S.VII were charred, the engine and machine gun stuck in the ground and the tank punctured by two bullets. The funeral took place on June 26 in Quinto di Treviso, in the presence of civil and military authorities, and the eulogy was delivered by Gabriele D’Annunzio, an admirer of the Lugo pilot. Baracca’s body will then be interred in a sepulchral chapel in the Lugo cemetery.

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A karst type reservoir with an ecosystem characteristic of wetlands and which contains various plant organisms such as aquatic plants and animals such as amphipods, isopods and various types of larvae. The name derives from the large presence of frogs such as esculenta and temporaria, toads such as Bufo bufo and water snakes such as Natrix natrix and Natrix tasellata.