Born in Paris in a studio of Rue Denfert Rochereau on January 31, 1893, at the age of two and a half years had already crossed the Dolomites and Mount Pelmo, wobbling inside a basket.His father Robert was a painter, a lover of nature, native of the wild lands of Dartmoor, in Devon; his mother Flora, painter and pianist, was a charming, worldly and enterprising woman.In the first years of the ‘900 the family settled in Asolo, which,in the nineteenth century, already hosted a community of illustrious English characters as the scholar and photographer Herbert Young, great friend of the Starks, and Pen Browning son of the poet Robert, who dedicated to the town the famous Asolando lyrics.

At the outbreak of World War I, she was forced to abandon her studies and then chose to enroll as a nurse in a field hospital run by the English Red Cross on the Italian front where she witnessed the tragic retreat of Caporetto: she will then tell her experience in a concise but timely travel diary.On May 9, 1993 he died a centennial in his small house in Asolo. Now the city also loved by Eleonora Duse remembers her with an exhibition set up in the Sala della Ragione of the Civic Museum, curated by Annamaria Orsini.His travel notebooks, his photographs, some of his clothes, such as the orange silk velvet coffee-dress worn on the occasion of the coronation of Elizabeth II of England, and some splendid dresses made with oriental silk fabrics for visits to sultans and emirs are on display. There is no shortage of personal and curious objects such as a small table, her teacup, her tiny needle case, her embroideries and her typewriter along with many of her books, to enrich an exhibition that declares the title narrates “the sentimental journey” and interior of this Lawrence of Arabia to the feminine, erudite and adventurous explorer.