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In Montello, until now, ninety caves have been discovered and identified, some of which are amongst the largest in the world for the type of rock named “Croda”. Most of these are in the territory of Nervesa della Battaglia, since this area was the first part of the hill to rise during the Pliocene Era (last period of the Cenozoic Era, characterized by the emersion of new earths, lower temperatures and wildlife transformations).Locally, the Montello area is delimitated by four Faults that are the Aviano, Nervesa, Montebelluna and Quartier del Piave. These large fractures, that make the hill rotate slowly on itself in a clockwise direction, together with the corrosive action of water and mud, have created 90 caves and 20 km of underground channels. Each cavity, from the most extended to the less important, possesses the beauty of the unknown. In these caves, the Montelliano Natural Park Group, in particular the Nervesa’s Speleological Team, organizes guided tours so everyone can discover the natural and geological evolution of this region. The “Tavaran Grando” is the first to explore, thanks to the easy access to its underground tunnels. The “Bus de le Fratte”, known for its size and beauty, leaves a deep impression. The “Bo’ de Pavei” is suitable for students and adults because its vertical walls can be safely handled, so to better experience the grandeur of its surroundings. The “Busa di Castel Sottotera” is the first Montello cave measuring 7 kilometers of length and 125 meters of depth. The second is located in the eastern part of the Karst Plateau of Montello. The “Bus del Fun” is 3367 meters long and 50 meters deep. The Montello Caves allow us to explore kilometers of underground paths with fantastic concretions, such as stalactites, columns, stalactite shields that sometimes block the tunnels and aragonite crystals.