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Bomben Palace today is the headquarters of the Benetton Foundation for studies and research. Built around 1200, it was donated by the Republic of Venice to the Florentine Bomben who restored it in the neoclassical forms and decorations between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Due to the bombing of 1944, part of the walls and the floors were destroyed but, thanks to an intervention around the year 2000, the elements damaged by the Great War were faithfully restored.


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Scotti Palace was built in Treviso as the residence of the noble family of Treviso. It is in 1700 that one of the heirs of the Scotti, Ottavio, skilled architect representative of the Venetian classicism as well as the author of several works in Treviso, on his own restructuring project and reorganizes the old family residences, of medieval origins, in a building whose main facade , left unfinished, gives via Sant’Andrea