Click for the Treviso Walls

The ancient walls of Treviso appear in the Middle Ages and included thirteen doors, but already in Roman times the Municipium Tarvisio was protected by water and a defensive wall. In 1509, to avert the danger deriving from the Leg of Cambrai, established the year before by the European states in an anti Venetian function, Frà Giovanni Giocondo, a hydraulic and military engineer, was commissioned by the Serenissima to design the current walls, a masterpiece of bastion architecture. The walls, about five kilometers long, provided a system of locks to widen the surrounding plain and a thick wall, supported by an embankment, equipped with towers and gunboats, decorated with a continuous curb and coat of arms of Istrian stone. There were three monumental doors: Porta S.S Quaranta, Porta San Tomaso and Porta Altinia still well preserved today. Now the embankment of the walls is along an avenue lined with horse chestnuts, ideal for a bit of jogging, a walk with the dog or a romantic outing.