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The Museum of Natural History and Archeology of Montebelluna, from 1998 to 2016 was an actual Institution, with managerial and programmatic independence, while at the same time being promoted and supported financially by the Municipality of Montebelluna. Since April 2016 the Museum is at the service of the District. Based on different projects, the Museum receives funding from the Veneto Region and from other organizations, including occasional private ones. The Museum was built in 1984 thanks to the initiative of the local Speleological Group “Gruppo Naturalistico Bellona”. The group made some interesting Archaeological recoveries in the hill area of Montebelluna and collected a considerable number of Naturalistic and Mineralogical Material that the local Administration decided to bring together in a Museum of Archeology and Natural Sciences. The Headquarters was located in Villa Biagi. During the Nineteenth century, the Villa was used as a guesthouse and only later became the property of the Municipality of Montebelluna. Villa Biagi consists of the Villa itself and the Barchessa, with a small Church and garden. The Barchessa is used for Exhibits, while the rooms of the Villa are used as Offices, Conference Rooms, Documentation Centers, Classrooms and Didactic Laboratories.