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The museum opened to the public in 1978 and was enriched by the collection of Giancarlo Ligabue and Pasqualetto. The Exhibit of the Museum of Natural History, of Crocetta del Montello, is essentially didactic.It describes the history of life on our planet in four great moments: The evolution of life: from the origins of life to the appearance of mammals; among the most important findings are two Sauropode eggs discovered in the Gobi Desert by Giancarlo Ligabue and Philippe Taquet; Theories of Human Evolution; The large mammals of the Quaternary Period found in our Region (the Mammoth); in fact part of the skeleton of a Primamenius Mammoth is exhibited here, found at the Codello Quarry at Vidor; The history of Mankind throughout its discoveries: the Lithic Industry, Ceramics, Metallurgy and finally, Writing. These Exhibits synthesize some of the key points of our history, easily understood thanks to the display of paleontological and archaeological discoveries and illustrative panels.Various educational workshops have been set up to allow students to approach the study of prehistory in a simple and fun way.