By the sides of Dante’s river :” Dove Sile e Cagnan s’accompagna ” the magician of a romantic medieval porch will take you in to a typical and comfortable place.

The name Odeon , from Greek Ωδείον , literally “building for music competitions “, derives from the singing Greek “ode” and it is the name of several buildings in the ancient Greece , for singing lessons and musical representations. These buildings were usually small . A few steps from Piazza dei Signori , in the old town , under the porch where in the 70’s the serial “Leonardo” with Philippe Leroy was shot ,a wrought iron sign with the original mark “Odeon alla Colonna” point out the entrance of this beautiful Restaurant and Wine bar .This place is rich in anecdotes and history as the one of the Count Tita Rinaldi (1768-1865), who was an inexhaustible and elegant joker , a character of the nobles from Treviso .He spent his life and fortunes as well to organize sensational jokes ,passed on to history by those people who loved to reflex themselves in this man’s creativity and humour .


A la carte Menù

The kitchen of the Odeon is characterized by a mixed menu of meat and fish, with seasonal ingredients that come from the territory, paying tribute to the rich variety that this region offers to our table. Enjoy a range of “simple”, that satisfies the view and meets the taste, with a preparation of the dish cured and imaginative and the search for genuine and authentic flavors, as tradition teaches. Our philosophy is to maintain a fair value for money, offering a good quality of the food on the table every day. The menu is “reduced” to a select number of dishes to live up to the assumptions made so far. The service is nice and informal in a simply hospitable.

The Wine list

The wine list is the result of the owners’ experience and personal research which selected with passion about 100 from the most excellent labels of white wines and national red ones ,above all the vineyards from our territory ;we are proud of our big selection Of Prosecco , from more than 20 wineries , that let us promote the wine-vineyard symbol of the oenology of Veneto region of Italy . “Osteria is the real home for the people from Treviso “as an old proverb says . And we go to Treviso for well eating and drinking better.


ADDRESS : Vicolo Rinaldi 3 , Treviso (TV)

OPENING TIME : We are open every days from 12.00 to 15.00 ; from 19.00 to 23.00

To book CONTACT the : 0422 541012

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