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The Altarpiece of Santa Cristina is an autograph work by Lorenzo Lotto, created in 1501 and it’s kept in the Parish Church of Santa Cristina al Tiverone in Quinto di Treviso.The rectangular main table shows a Sacred Conversation which has the Madonna and Child in her lap on a high throne, which bears the signature “LAURENTIUS LOTUS”, among Saints Peter, Christina, Liberal and Girolamo

The work is characterized by a cold and calculated rationalism that gives an intense and raw emotion. The Child holds a goldfinch, symbol of his future Passion. The right side of the classical architecture shows an external view that gives on a wall covered with grass. On the lunette of the altar there is, instead, the painting of the Dead Christ supported by two angels.



Via Mons. Tognana 58 

Santa Cristina 31055 

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