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The mansion known as Beltramini,named after a family who arrived in Asolo from Lombardy in the second half of the fifteenth century soon became one of the most famous in the city and took on a new architectural appearance during the eighteenth century. In fact, in this period the mansion in piazza D’Annunzio was restored and structured in its present form by the famous architect Giorgio Massari, again on the commission of the Beltramini family. A special and ingenious solution was adopted for the architectural decoration of the façade inserted in the limited space of the square: the result was a three-order facade with arcade with ashlar-work columns laid out in such a way that they can be seen from the end of via Cornaro. The inside is refined too; the noble hall occupies two stories and is crowned with an elegant curved balcony. The mansion first became the property of the Pasini family and then of the Nerudas before passing into the hands of the municipality which made it the town hall.