Quartiere Latino

One of the most enchanting neighbourhoods in Treviso, a city within the city. The place to go for a drink or just to admire the building reflections on the Sile river, right before crossing the water of the Cagnan river under the Dante Bridge. The “Latino Neighbourhood” designed by the architect, Paolo Portoghesi, was inaugurated in September, 2006. This neighbourhood hosts the University headquarters of the city. Piazza dell’Umanesimo and the wooden bridge are the two key features of the area. The bridge was recreated by taking inspiration from the original Santa Margherita bridge. The neighbourhood history is rich and very ancient: in the 1300s the hospital known as “Santa Maria dei Battuti” was moved here. The current facade of the hospital faces south with the traditional portico has been restored by a neoclassic construction from the 1700s which replaced the original gothic facade. The palace was also known as the “Dogana” (Customs) because, during the Austro- Hungarian Empire in the second half of the 1800s, this was its function.