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The chapel dedicated to the Ace of Aviation Francesco Baracca, rises not far from the Nervesa Della Battaglia’s Memorial Monument.Awarded the Golden Medal for Military Value during World War I, he claimed 34 victories in Air Battles on the Italian Front and his first victory in 1916 was also the first for Italian Aviation. The Chapel commemorates Baracca’s last mission, which took place during the Battle of the Solstice, on June 19th 1918, when he was shot down over Montello while strafing at low altitude.The Dome, topped by a small cross, is supported by eight Doric columns. At the base, a marble slab of Verona, where we can find symbols to which he was much attached, namely the Hippogriff, his parents’ signatures and the prancing horse.In 1923 a young Enzo Ferrari had the opportunity to meet the aviator’s parents; thanks to this friendship, Francesco’s mother had the idea to place the son’s emblem, the prancing horse, on Ferrari’s cars. However, the symbols are not exactly the same: the horse’s tail on Baracca’s plane is facing down, while Ferrari’s is facing upward.