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The structure of the Falesia,at the  north of the Montello, the Coston, with its thrust verticality caused by the ancient erosion by the River Brenta / Piave, has generated large landslides with detachment of the huge blocks of conglomerate that are positioned at the foot of the same or on intermediate floors.In the more developed evolutionary phase these blocks of conglomerate, already positioned at the base of the landslides, brought with them also those karstic expressions that were inherent in the structure of the big blocks. So small caves, tunnels and small fractures enlarged by corrosion were, during the Great War, a reason to quickly build defensive structures such as bunkers, machine gun nests or defensive situations of various kinds.The entire Defensive line of the Coston called Prima linea, corresponding to the North perimeter of the Montello, has as characteristic the presence of the following situations.The “Brigata Lucca” path, which can be reached from the Montello 4th path, can easily be reached through numerous fortifications up to the Tavaran Granda bunker, from where you can go back to the 5th stop.Here are some examples of defensive structures on landslide blocks:                                                                                                               1. Bunker of Castelviero  A defensive bunker built for light weapons, it had to be chained with a series of similar bunkers that encircled the whole north flank of the Montello. The landslide block was noticed from a small natural cave that developed from a fracture. At present the wood and climber elders make it a pleasant site, no longer the messenger of death for which it was built.                                                                                                     2. Busa de Banes  Block of conglomerate positioned in the middle part of the descent of the 4th path, where a door dug to the south leads to a short tunnel that flows into another conglomerate.In this context we find traces of a retrenchment service of weapons designed towards the left bastion of False di Piave.                                                                 3. Croda dei Zateri  Bunker made in a landslide called Croda dei Zateri, in the top of which a small cave has been modified to obtain the structure of a defensive bunkers for machine guns with fire pointing towards the enemy lines on the left bank of the Piave.