How to learn about the biodiversity of Montello

The route is suitable for everyone, both for running and walking, and allows you to make guided contact with the biodiversity of the area, knowing and deepening 14 of its aspects, all well documented by special signs that you encounter along the way.

The “Enrico Romanazzi” path is dedicated to the young naturalist from Montebelluna who passed away in 2016. Researcher, profound connoisseur of Montello and active promoter of the importance of territorial biodiversity.

The path winds from the center of Santa Maria della Vittoria along the Val dell’Acqua between the XII and XIII sockets up to the Benzoi lake and was designed to raise awareness of the extraordinary biodiversity of Montello and stimulate reflections on the importance of protecting and safeguarding the its habitats.

The complete route extends for just over 7 kilometers while the two minor routes lead to touch some parts of it for 2.4 kilometers, all three with a difference in height of less than 80 meters