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We are Fabio, Antonella and Stefano Dassie. One family, three professionals and one champion.When a customer comes into our shop, we enjoy watching his reaction: there’s the undecided that is dazzled by the variety and colors, the loyal customer that goes straight to the point, the curious asking us for advice. And it’s always a pleasure to see them enjoying the first taste, when the gelato slowly melts between the tongue and the palate giving off its qualities. We know that next time, he will return with a smile on his face. And he will find ours.This is what we offer to our friends: a multi-sensory experience: visual, taste, touch, melodic. Where combinations harmoniously come after each other to give a moment of happiness. Simply good, fresh and easy to digest, our gelato doesn’t contain hydrogenated vegetable fats, is low calories, and seeks to meet the needs of all.That’s why we offer, in addition to gelato, whipped as tradition wills, just milk, eggs and sugar, a wide variety of slush made with fresh fruit, yogurt, cold pastry, ice cream cakes for every occasions and recipes that meet the food intolerances of our customers, such as milk, gluten and sugar.

Chocolate Day

You love chocolate? We also thought of you. Around April-May, every year, we spend a few days entirely dedicated to the lovers of this noble ingredient, creating recipes forefront, always to surprise you with something new, for a sweet sin of gluttony.


Our Experience

It took years of experience abroad (from Germany to Libya, the court of Gaddafi in front of 54 African heads of state!), The experience gained in numerous local entities (including the legendary Il Gelato di Quinto, where all of ‘today we have a range of 100 recipes) the daily testing, attention to detail at 360 degrees, collaboration with companies in the area … and even international recognition! Grew between sorbet, ice cream machines, eggs and cocoa, thanks to his amazing chocolate ice cream, Stefano is in fact Italian Champion ex aequo del Gelato 2010 and supported by his wife Erika, flew from Spain, divided between work and care of the little Leo, he will face each day new challenges to offer a product with a quality level higher and higher.It’s easy to say “Italian-style ice cream.” But, as they say, Ubi maior minor cessat



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