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The theatre has been housed in the castle since 1798, first as created by Antonio Locatelli, a simple wooden structure and then rebuilt to the design of architect Martignago in 1857. The new theatre had three orders of boxes and was embellished with figurative reliefs by the Aster brothers and paintings by De Marchi. In 1930 the theatre was knocked down and the wooden profile dismantled and sold to the antique dealer Loewi in Venice who resold it to the State of Florida in 1949. Today it can be seen at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota (Florida – U.S.A.). The only testimony of the old theatre remaining in Asolo is the crystal chandelier that now lights the Council Chamber at the Town Hall. The new theatre, built by the design of architect Forlati, was inaugurated in 1932 and named after Eleonora Duse. During the Nineties, the castle complex and the clock tower underwent radical revamping that, among other things, restored the theatre in a form reminiscent of the original structure. For the last few years it has been the venue of large-scale and well-appreciated plays and other performances.