Andrea Previtali was born in Bergamo around 1480.
At a young age he moved to Venice where he studied under the artist Giovanni Bellini who hosted him in his workshop.
Andrea Previtali was not able to impose his own artistic language, his art in fact followed the wake of other artists of the time.

In many of his works, the artist signs himself as “Disciple of Giovanni Bellini”, but his art was also influenced by painters like Carpaccio, Palma il Vecchio and Lorenzo Lotto. His pieces never lack artistic quality or expressive fullness.
Around 1511, Previtali returned to his hometown where he began to produce mainly religious work and portraits, very realistic and luminous, following the Lotto school.
Among his various works, Previtali hands down above the high altar of the Sanctuary of Meschio in Ceneda, a Renaissance altarpiece that is an authentic masterpiece: “The Annunciation”.