Pomponio Amalteo was born in Motta di Livenza in 1505.
At a young age he became a collaborator of Pordenone, married his daughter Graziosa and, after the death of his mentor, inherited his study in Friuli where he conducted his profession.
Unlike Pordenone, Amalteo used brighter colours and the proportions of the figures are less elegant.
In 1536 he left Motta di Livenza to move to S. Vito al Tagliamento where he died in 1588. 

The works of Amalteo consist mainly of frescoes and altarpieces.  There are examples in the church of Santa Maria dei Battuti and the altarpiece of San Sebastiano in the cathedral of San Vito al Tagliamento.
The Notary Room in Belluno is frescoed by five images representing subjects of Roman history; he also frescoed a series of Judges in a Loggia at the Court of Justice in Ceneda.