The History 

Villa Barbarich is a 16th century Venetian Villa near Venice, nowadays the location of a charming resort. The Villa was built in the 16th century according to the typical features of the Venetian villas of that time. The two ‘barchesse’ together with the private oratory (demolished in the 19th century) and the vast Italian garden (unfortunately lost but reminiscences of which are reproduced in its 18th century layout in front of the water façade) go back to different periods. The noble first floor (‘piano nobile’) is fully decorated with a series of frescos painted between 1580 and 1615 and some of the rooms on the ground floor are embellished with refined plaster of the late 18th century and with decorations in liberty style. In 2010 the Villa was renovated and brought back to its original splendour. Villa Barbarich is nowadays the location of a fascinating resort with a well-being centre spa and restaurant, it also hosts events, weddings and meetings.




Visiting the Villa and the Historical Gardens


Individual visitors and groups

From 11:00 to 12:30

From 14:30 to 19:30

Entrance ticket

Entrance Fee: Free Entrance



Hotel Villa Barbarich Resort&Spa, 31 bedrooms accommodating, 60 people

Swimming pool

Restaurant services


Malipiero Restaurant, max 120 seats

On request: max 160 seats

Restaurant service in the garden: 40/60 seats.



ADDRESS : Vial Molino Ronchin 1 , Zelarino (VE)

To informations CONTACT the : 041 979002

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