The Story

Villa Revedin is located at Gorgo al Monticano, close to Oderzo, in the heart of the Venetian countryside. It was built by the noble Venetian family Morosini in the mid sixteenth century and then it became the summer residence of the noble Venetian family Foscarini Cornaro and a meeting place for celebrities from all over Europe at the end of eighteenth century. When the Republic of Venice came to an end, the Villa was bought by the Counts Revedin who turned i tinto a farm and introduced innovative and modern production methods.

In the 1970s, the villa was completely renovated by the current owners and turned into a prestigious hotel-restaurant, point of reference for business meetings and stop-over for wine and food tourism.

Inside the park you can find the „ancient ice-house“, now transformed into a Winery and the little Church in neoclassic style dedicated to the Redeemer. The four stars hotel is in the noble part of the Villa and it is composed of 32 rooms, including 4 junior suites, each of them with different pecularities and with original classic reliefs still visible.

Surronded by a flourishing centuries-old park, the Villa offers a suggestive atmosphere, ideal for taking a break from the daily routine.

The restaurant of the Villa offers traditional Venetian dishes, with new proposals to delight eyes and taste.




ADDRESS : Via Palazzi 4 , Gorgo al Monticano (TV)

To informations CONTACT the : 0422 800033 ; Fax : 0422 800272 




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