The Montello

Montello is a unique hill, placed in a strategic position within Veneto region as it can be used as a base to reach different destinations and tourist centers. It is the first hill of the Veneto plain you meet traveling by sea, from the Venetian lagoon, to the Dolomites. The Montello is important for its history as it used to be “the wood of Serenissima”, a strategic place for Venice Republic in the XVII century because its wood was used to build the fleet of Venice Arsenal. Another important sign from history comes from the First World War that was fought in this area, from the Monte Grappa to the Montello hill, as important monuments testify. For people living around this area, from Treviso, Padova and Venezia the Montello is day trip destination, a place to go for a long bike ride or a for a most “aggressive” mountain biking trip, across its beautiful path. For the less sportive person the Montello is well known for its cousine and local food that can be tasted in the lots of restaurants and agriturismo open during the weekends. Traditional dishes, products and wines coming from this particular ground, of a red colour, are really appreciated. The Montello is also a strategic place because of its central position that allows to reach the most important art cities in Veneto in one hour driving, as well as the most important beaches or mountains around. Staying one week in this beautiful area reach of green and history permits to taste very different destinations and tourist products

What To Do

The Montello area is the ideal place for practicing many activities, from the outdoor to the most traditional ones. Organizing a holiday in this area can give lots of satisfactions because of the mix of activities that can be done and the number of places that can be visited. In spring and summer it is obvsiously easy to practice the outdoor activities, but the hill is also interesting in wintertime. The landscape and the slopes are suitable for sports of all kinds: from simple healthy walks, Nordic walking, the foot race, the bike paths to the exciting mountain biking. For fans of sport climbing in Montebelluna you can climb on artificial structures at the Sports Palace “Palamazzalovo”. For nature lovers the Montello is rich of animal species and birds so much that you can do bird watching, for lovers of caving the numerous karst caves inside the Montello hill are very popular among the insiders. All this is obviously accompanied by the offer of food and wine with the many culinary delights to sample according to the season.




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